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Interested in learning how to develop for Programmable Logic Devices using VHDL? Here's one way to do it cheap...

For some reason it feels like I'm being watched 🤔

Good thing about Fediverse: you can block nazis an entire instance at a time 😃

Bad thing about Fediverse: every day there's a new instance full of nazis 😒

It really is quite a depressing reflection of humanity.

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These people took the floppy controller used in the BBC Micro, an Intel 8271, and set about finding out how it worked. In the course of that, they discovered it's actually a dual core processor, with over 3x the transistor count of a 6502.

Then they dumped the ROM by visual inspection of the micrographs of a decapped 8271, and reverse engineered the instruction set, with a full disassembly available.

h a r d c o r e

Happy Diwali, to all who celebrate it!

This is firmly in the category of "so niche it's practically invisible", but just in case... I wrote a guide on how to compile and deploy Rust code for the Arduino Nano Every.

WTF is going on over at!?

THIS is why I have network problems 😒😒😽

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Alright internet, what's this thingo? There are at least two on my street in my little country town at the top of maybe a 2m metal pole. There are cable pits nearby, but nothing on them to indicate what company installed them. My best guess is some sort of bell?

@lrvick I saw what you did with the github/YouTube-dl repo over on the birdsite, and I have to say, that's fine work you're doing there! Fair play, sir.

Admiring my little Torbie Tiger as she snoozes on me this got me to wondering how it is she can grow hair that changes colour as it grows... And a fascinating rabbit hole to go down it is.

I recommend googling "agouti pigmentation" and starting from there - or else this is a good start:

Princess Sashenka, you are a remarkable kitty...

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Hand soldering surface-mount diodes.


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