Happy Easter / Paște Fericit, y'all

@Casuallynoted don't feel bad - it only moved out of tech preview about 2 weeks ago, not two months. And that was an entirely cosmetic move - it's just as easy to crash now as the first preview.

Just had my first dose of the vaccine. Can confirm my Internet is already faster 👍.

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I missed this Economist poll from February. I definitely lean more towards the positive statement which probably explains my party and political preferences.

electronics question, advice wanted 

@nyx... these days I think anything other than the cheapest Christmas tree light supply will be regulated, but old cheap unregulated supplies will let the voltage rise if there isn't enough current being drawn.

That said, if the device is intended to be plugged into an external supply, it likely has a basic level of protection/regulation built in anyway.

I certainly wouldn't hesitate, put it that way.

electronics question, advice wanted 

@nyx it'll be fine, albeit maybe a little inefficient; current flow depends on demand - if your device only pulls 0.1A, that's all it'll get. Voltage on the other hand must be correct - put 12V into something expecting 5V and you will let the magic smoke out.

Do make sure it's a regulated power supply though...

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Please, /please/, don't make /only/ videos, y'all! Make text articles too!

Text is even /easier/ to make it's just /always/ video


Not everyone can do videos. Especially long videos that we're expected to Sit Down And Focus Entirely On which means engaging speech parsing AND we can't easily back up and reread things like we could text and we /can't slow down/ like we could text and we can't skim like we could text and just

there's often /no point/ to it being a video and we /can't/.

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@mia ugh, I feel your pain; are you 100% sure that's a firmware bug though? I used to have the same effect when on a rapid move the print nozzle could catch on something previously printed, and so not move as far as it expected. Solved it by enabling z-lifts on rapid moves.

(Apologies if you've already been through it a hundred times and you know for sure there's a bug - just throwing it out there in case it can help.)

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World map mouse pad with time zones for my work desk. At least my mouse can surf around the world even if I'm stuck at home! 🗺️

@cybette ooh, I like that, where did you get it from, if you don't mind my asking?

@yngmar in Romania loudly threatening to do various unpleasant things to your mother's onion (or church, or, well, anything really) is all part of the extremely diverse range of insults you can throw at someone - usable in arguments ranging in seriousness from stepping on a toe to murdering their entire village...

Latin arguments are fun ;-)


@tsunderdog looks a bit like Cozonac - wonderful stuff. But be warned if attempting to follow a recipe - when it says knead "at least" 30 minutes, experience says that's about 90 minutes too short 😁. deliciudeweekend.ro/cozonac-ro

Me: “Phew, I think we’re finally ready to record the demo - just in time as well!”

Gitlab: "Hold my beer…"

Me: “FML…”

Romania definitely has some of the most challenging ski slopes :D. 😍🇷🇴


Mărțișor fericit, Fediverse! Primăvara este aici!

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