She turns out to have an unexpected fascination for Olympic table tennis! (Hai Dl. Ionescu!)

Me: “Phew, I think we’re finally ready to record the demo - just in time as well!”

Gitlab: "Hold my beer…"

Me: “FML…”

This is how we feel about being back at work today... 😕

I've given up arguing with her now. This is it. Our new working accommodation.

Legitimately outstanding album.

Don't bother trying to convince me I'm wrong

I actually had a productive weekend for a change 😃

So, according to Spotify, this was the song that got me through 2020...

Seems legit.

For some reason it feels like I'm being watched 🤔

THIS is why I have network problems 😒😒😽

Admiring my little Torbie Tiger as she snoozes on me this got me to wondering how it is she can grow hair that changes colour as it grows... And a fascinating rabbit hole to go down it is.

I recommend googling "agouti pigmentation" and starting from there - or else this is a good start:

Princess Sashenka, you are a remarkable kitty...

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