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Alright internet, what's this thingo? There are at least two on my street in my little country town at the top of maybe a 2m metal pole. There are cable pits nearby, but nothing on them to indicate what company installed them. My best guess is some sort of bell?

@lrvick I saw what you did with the github/YouTube-dl repo over on the birdsite, and I have to say, that's fine work you're doing there! Fair play, sir.

Admiring my little Torbie Tiger as she snoozes on me this got me to wondering how it is she can grow hair that changes colour as it grows... And a fascinating rabbit hole to go down it is.

I recommend googling "agouti pigmentation" and starting from there - or else this is a good start: vetbook.org/wiki/cat/index.php

Princess Sashenka, you are a remarkable kitty...

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Hand soldering surface-mount diodes.


I made a thing... A 3D-Printable stand with adjustable focus for cheap USB microscopes - super handy for surface-mount soldering and things like that.

More details, and files to download to make with your own 3D Printer here: snowgoons.ro/posts/2020-10-16-

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The news that Trump has covid makes it *really* hard not to have uncharitable thoughts I feel bad about...

It's a great day for progressive, liberal, anti-corruption, anti-populiat politics.

Not *everything* is going to hell in a handcart.

For anyone wondering what computer interfaces were like in the 1980s, may I recommend a few hours working with Autodesk Eagle?

Christ, it's been a long while, because I'd forgotten how bloody terrible it is...

@tim: (In other news.... > 4000 lines of PL/SQL? Oh my; I'm glad I don't work for a bank...)

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In which I learn that my bank uses Oracle...

Error : ORA-00028: your session has been killed ORA-00028: your session has been killed ORA-06512: at ABSOLUT_API.IF6EXCHANGEAPI_PKG, line 3796 ORA-06512: at ABSOLUT_API.IF6EXCHANGEAPI_PKG, line 4142 ORA-06512: at line 1

...which is cute, but not helping me pay my bills on time :-/

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