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Daily link: root system drawings 

This collection holds 1,000 drawings, the outcome of 40 years of root system excavations in Europe, mainly in Austria. The drawings, their analysis and description were done by Univ. Prof. Dr. Erwin Lichtenegger (1928-2004) and Univ. Prof. Dr. Lore Kutschera (1917-2008), leader of Pflanzensoziologisches Institut, Klagenfurt, (now in Bad Goisern, Austria).


#botany #illustration #drawing #science

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“Then you realize that the pointers are not fixed, but can slide on the frame… and then you note that they are somehow interconnected -- moving any of the small ones will move the larger one this way or that. Strange. But when you see the diagram of the inner mechanism you realize what this is, and it can take your breath away…”

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I traveled here from the year 1966 to warn you that you will be sadder about significant whitespace problems then you would have been about all those parentheses.

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Templates for paper mechanisms: a precious resource and a gorgeous layout by Kelli Anderson

( @xuv you probably saw this already? )


Happy Easter / Paște Fericit, y'all

Just had my first dose of the vaccine. Can confirm my Internet is already faster 👍.

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I missed this Economist poll from February. I definitely lean more towards the positive statement which probably explains my party and political preferences.
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Please, /please/, don't make /only/ videos, y'all! Make text articles too!

Text is even /easier/ to make it's just /always/ video


Not everyone can do videos. Especially long videos that we're expected to Sit Down And Focus Entirely On which means engaging speech parsing AND we can't easily back up and reread things like we could text and we /can't slow down/ like we could text and we can't skim like we could text and just

there's often /no point/ to it being a video and we /can't/.

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World map mouse pad with time zones for my work desk. At least my mouse can surf around the world even if I'm stuck at home! 🗺️

Me: “Phew, I think we’re finally ready to record the demo - just in time as well!”

Gitlab: "Hold my beer…"

Me: “FML…”

Romania definitely has some of the most challenging ski slopes :D. 😍🇷🇴


Mărțișor fericit, Fediverse! Primăvara este aici!

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I HAVE FOUND THE BEST CAT PICTURE EVER (Obviously, not counting the ones of my kitten)

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